About Us

Ever since gambling became a favorite pastime for people, casino owners and gamblers have tried to outdo the other in terms of giving people an enjoyable and awesome experience. While it has led to the creation of dedicated gambling spaces and incredible machines that will make you awestruck, the brick and mortar space has run out of ideas in terms of how to lure more gamblers in.The internet has taken the world of gambling by storm and we are ecstatic to be a part of it. As game developers, it has been our goal to give our users a gambling experience like never before and it has been an incredible journey. From the time we launched in 2012, up until now, our online casino has gone from strength to strength and we are happy to share that we have 400,000 registered users online.Our company was founded by a bunch of gaming enthusiasts who wanted to create an exciting game.

However, we soon realized that gaming was a very specific and unidimensional niche and we would have got lost in the din of game providers. Online casinos seemed like the next best step.We didn’t intend to operate an online casino, but, we have found that it is the one thing that allows us to combine our business acumen along with our love for game design. We are running a business, yes, but we are also providing users with a thrilling experience at a casino that they will never find at an offline casino. Yes, the neon lights are shiny and bright, but, other than making you spend time watching the lights blink, you can’t really do much with the lights.Imagine the drama of the strip, but on your home screen and with all the thrills and chills of a real casino. That’s what we are about and we hope that you will join us in this journey.